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Welcome to my Art, Astronomy and Photography Blog. In my professional life I am an Art Director and Production Designer in the animation industry. Some of my film credits include "Anastasia", "Titan AE" and "Barnyard the Original Party Animals". I have also worked on TV Shows like "The Simpsons", "Beavis and Butthead", "Back at the Barnyard" and "Planet Sheen". If you would like to see my work related art please click on the Go For Launch Productions link below. Although I am very passionate about what I do for a living my other passions are photography, painting, astronomy, astrophotography and anything to do with NASA so the subject matter of most of my paintings is related to the space program and I have enhanced some of my photographs to give them an extraterrestrial feel. My paintings and photographs are organized into several catagories in the links below. Browse around and enjoy.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Space Shuttle Art

Shuttle Mission Art


I still remember the day the first Shuttle took off into orbit; it was a very proud day for Americans and Canadians, like myself. Sadly, that 30 year era has come to an end. To commemorate that era I have created a series of paintings of the Space Shuttle Program. To give my paintings a truly unique appeal they were created from where no camera could go or could have been.  Using the available technical data, and my imagination, I have envisioned this series of images of the shuttles and their journies around earth.  A big thanks to all the great people at NASA and its partners for 30 years of Manned Space Flight and all of the great things that came from that exploration, for all of humanity to enjoy.


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